• Previous administer of national central museum

  • Chairman of board at SEMA

  • Professor at Seoul University of Science and Technology

Greetings from the chairman

Through the spread of convergence science culture we will open the way to fostering its culture.

The world in front of us reached the fourth industrial revolution era. AI, Robot, Life Sciences, Data Engineering, etc. are now on development. It is a new era in which people with the power of scientific creativity are transforming the future of this world.

In this era, we need human talents who are fused with knowledge of mathematical science and our lives through ideas and challenging minds, people who are neighbors with us, and people who are human partners who bless our planet.

The Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM will make every effort to nurture convergence talents necessary for the fourth industrial revolution era through expansion of fusion science culture.In order to contribute to the general interest of society, we will contribute to fostering domestic and foreign children and youth science talents through scientific research and donation of educational talents in science fusion technology field and spreading and developing the scientific culture of the people.

Foundation For The Advancement of STEAM from the chairman
Chungwon Cho

Greetings from the development chairperson

For the development of convergence science culture, we promise continuous and generous support.

Future society that has reached the age of 4th industrial revolution is a society in which knowledge, information and technology are fused to pursue new values. With the development of information and communication technology, information and technology such as IoT, Cloud, Big Data and mobile converge so it is a society which robots and artificial intelligence is common in our lives. Now, countries around the world are fiercely competing to take advantage of this future.

It is a creative talent that is necessary to go forward without fearing a rapidly changing future. Future youths will be a world where creativity and cutting-edge science and technology will enable them to do their will. Youth will be the leaders who will lead the world in the future.

The Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM will take the lead in fostering future talented people who will lead the future intellectual property society that new dreams and possibilities become realized by the fusion of human knowledge and technology in response to the changes of this age.

Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM Development Chairperson
Kim Hui Sun