Introduction of the competition

Introduction of the competition

Introduction of the competition

Creative talents lead the future.

Future talent has the ability to utilize creativity and knowledge and has social collaboration skills.

This competition is a creativity festival where creative ideas and potentials of our children, who are future dream trees, can be enjoyed together through creative process of planning, designing and completing using math / science and various principles.

Leading global competitiveness, core technology to create the future, innovative ideas to change civilization!

We believe it begins with the infinite possibilities of our children. Through this conference, we hope that our children will grow into future talents who can contribute to the development of humanity by sharing and communicating creative ideas with various talents in the world. We would like to ask for your continued interest and encouragement to develop into a place for concrete communication that enables exchange of ideas and culture, not simply making conventions.

Destinations and directions

1) Destination

Creative talents of the 21st century, problem-solving talents, talents capable of conceptualizing concrete ideas and expressing them logically, and leaders of team-oriented talent

2) Directions

STEAM oriented centered on private / domestic development expansion of programs for young children and youth:
Kindergarten / elementary school / secondary school - centered on 7 science centers throughout Sweden - use creativity educational tools
Sweden outreach program - Increasing interest in engineering skills of college and youth
Conduct youth workshops through experience workshops in Finland / Eastern Europe
Saudi Arabia Mahiba Foundation and Science Festival and STEAM Educational Cooperation
Foundation support and donations through the Foundation
Introduction of advanced mathematical methodology - Collaboration with leading institutes related to creativity, mutual workshop and forum promotion
Advanced creativity education system (Government/Universities/Schools/Science centers, etc.) Model Learning
Increased mutual learning effectiveness through workshops / forums with teachers, science center teachers, school teachers, and education policy officials


경기도 과천시 상하벌로 110 국립과천과학관


National Science Museum, 110, Sanghabeol-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


> Get off at the grand park station on the subway line 4 (exit number 6, right in front of the exit)
> Get off at the Kyungma park station on the subway line 4 (exit number 6, 10 minute walk)