2020 Al Buraimi (Oman) Mathematical Science Creativity Online Competition on January 9!

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  • 2021-01-09 15:08:00
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If you would like to participate as an audience, please join the following ZOOM link at 4PM GST(Gulf Standard time, GMT +04:00)

Meeting ID: 842 3644 2875
Passcode: 248329

The Online Mathematical Science and Creativity Competition will take place in Oman!
The first event of its kind in the MIddle East will take place in Al Buraimi, Oman, on Saturday January 9, starting from 4pm local time(GMT +04:00)!
The governor of Al Buraimi encouraged the local hosts to take place successfully and looking forward to developing creativity of kids in Oman.
Please give a big support for the 1st event in the Middle East !!
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