Business Area

Business Area


1. Host/support domestic and overseas forum and seminars

Hosted Saudi Arabia Science Festival program in 2015 (2.3~2.8)

Invited by the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity(MAWHIBA), Saudi Arabia.
Among worldwide participants including NASA, Intel, etc, 4Dframe was selected as one of the best educational contents.
Ranked 1st in the Education Evaluation session by the MAWHIBA Foundation – Re-invited in 2017.
Shared Korean mathematical science and creativity educational culture to Saudi Arabia and around the Middle East.

Qatar education conference in 2015 (4.30-5.4)

The Supreme Education Council
Qatar incumbent teachers (elementary/middle school) vocational training and students training – Provided Korean educational culture

2. Educational donation and youth group sponsorship

Science Day Events in National Science Museum

Youth Group Sponsorship (Authorized as an outreach activity)

3. Overseas education program supporting business

Overseas training of Korean Early Childhood Education Childcare Welfare Committee in 2016 (7.25-7.30)

Exchange of theoretical and case studies between Korean early childhood education research institutes and educators
Total 22 professors participated
Experience Sweden, and Finland, and develop the applicable system and methodology in comparison with the present situation of early childhood education in Korea by acquiring the theoretical background.

Promotion of Early Childhood Education Promotion program 3.0 in 2016 (1.7-1.15)

Promotion of early childhood education and exchange between domestic and international early childhood education research institutes and researchers
Total 24 participants
On-site visits, seminars and workshops at Swedish and Finnish early childhood education institutions

International youth creativity program in 2016 (8.7-8.15)

Overseas exchanges to foster future talents beyond inventions and creativity
22 Korean Students / 12 Teachers and the persons concerned / 40 Swedish, Finland people participated
Promoting exchanges with institutions and local students who help creativity with a view to fostering creative talents that actively cope with rapid technological changes

4. International education and cooperative business

Workshop at Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel, 2017

Operated a workshop program about ‘What kind of direction the future will advance’ in Jerusalem college of engineering
It destined to establish and develop educational and mutual cooperation measures between Israel and Korea.

Established an experience center in UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) in Indonesia, 2018

Establish theory on mathematical science through experience and collaborate with eminent universities in Indonesia
Develop international cooperation on science education in Korea and Indonesia.

2019 STEAM Exhibition by the Oman Ministry of Education at Al Buraimi, Oman

Oman Innovation Center regular education forum, teacher education, invitation to the STEM educational exhibition hall
Cooperated with Oman teaching staff such as university professors, Muscat, education staff, and school principal